Can MatNet.Symbolics.Evaluate evaluate Max or Min?

(Fredrik Dahlberg) #1

I’m using MatNet.Symbolics.Evaluate ot let the users enter their own experssions, which are evaluated to a number. Sometimes the user might like to enter an expression like:
Max(0 ; A - 20)
This should evaluate to the greatest of 0 and A - 20.

Is something like this possible in MathNet.Symbolics?

Kind Regards
Fredrik Dahlberg


Do you mean custom operator in expression?

(Fredrik Dahlberg) #3

Maybe. Do you mean I can define custom operators, that can be used by the end user? I didn’t know that.


No, you can’t do it for now. I just wanted to clarificate your Q.

(Fredrik Dahlberg) #5

Actually I just meant Custom Functions. Something like what’s available in NCalc.