GMRES Solver

Thank you for this great work.
I was wondering is there any option of GMRES method in Math.NET Numerics?

Because I have heard that GMRES is very robust method for solving system of linear equations and is usual in CFD code developers.

Also I found the following link which has the same name of your software but more solving methods:

The linked project is a predecessor of today’s Math.NET Numerics. It indeed seems we missed to migrate the GMRES solver over to the new project, need to check.

Thank you for the consideration.

If you update the new project, will I need to update the installed Math.Net in my MVS or it will automatically apply for us?


I implemented GMRES, QR, QG and IRD in c# during my phd. I would be willing to contribute if someone is willing help clean up the code?
Im not so very confidend about them being the most effecient versions of the algoritms but they work fine in all case i found for them.