How to use the BfgsBMinimizer and Neldermeadex class

I’m going to implement the following code (Python) in Math.Net:

def fun():
    return v

def con(args):
    x1min, x1max, x2min, x2max= args
    cons = ({'type': 'ineq', 'fun': lambda x: x[0] - x1min},
              {'type': 'ineq', 'fun': lambda x: -x[0] + x1max},
             {'type': 'ineq', 'fun': lambda x: x[1] - x2min},
                {'type': 'ineq', 'fun': lambda x: -x[1] + x2max})
    return cons

args1 = (0.5,1500,0,30)  #x1min, x1max, x2min, x2max
cons = con(args1)

x0 = np.asarray((2,1.5))

best = op.minimize(fun(), x0, constraints=cons,options={
                'maxiter': 10000,
                'maxfun': 50000

With BfgsBMinimizer, I don’t have the ‘Gradient’ function.

With Neldermeadex, I don’t know how to bound the variables.

I need some help,thx.