I need help with compressed row storage

(Luigi Cimorelli) #1

I need someone to help me with sparsecompressedrowstorage class.

I’m quite new to math.net. I used to write linear system solver on my own. Recently, I’ve decided to use available libraries.

Can someone write an example on how to use the aforementioned class?

Specifically, I would like to write my matrix directly in CRS arrays, without using the original one, but I don’t even know how to use the class.

(Luigi Cimorelli) #2

Is someone interested in this topic? I found this very important because if one is solving a PDE by finite difference or finite element methods a sparse linear system solver is required. Furthermore, it is crucial to work directly with the csr array without allocating the original sparse matrix. Is there a way to achieve that with mathnet?

Please someone help me