Math.NET complex bandpass filter

(Jakub Stebel) #1

Hi everybody,

Is it possible to use BandPass FIR filter from Math.NET.Filtering package to process I/Q (complex) signal samples?

[EDIT:] The only solution which came to my mind is to pass the real part of the complex signal samples to the filter and then process the result back to complex samples via Hilbert transformation.

BR Jakub

(Christoph Rüegg) #2

Couldn’t you interpret the real and imaginary parts as two separate channels (I and Q) and filter both with separate filters (same real coefficients)? Or am I confusing things with QAM and related modulation schemes?

(Jakub Stebel) #3

Actually this seems to be a good idea as long as I and Q part has the same origin. They just vary in phase. Thanks, will try.