Using the LevenbergMarquadtMinimizer

I have a script in the R language which takes an equation of the following form, with inputs for the m, w, r, and q variables, and it then optimizes for the variable a using Levenberg-Marquardt optimization:
m = (((1+aw)^5+5arq)^0.2-1)/a

I’m a bit lost as to how to implement this using Math.NET, I’ve looked at the LevenbergMarquardtMinimizer and the NonLinearCurveFittingsTests but I don’t really understand how to set up the model. Admittedly the math is a bit beyond me, but I would appreciate any help!

The test programs here may give some insight as to how a minimizer is set up. There may be a test program somewhere for LevenbergMarquandt, but I wouldn’t know how to find it.