VB.net Solver example

Dear all
This is my first try in this forum.
I’m a beginner with vb.net and I have no idea how C# works or how to read C#.
The examples I found concerning my problem are all in c#.
I’m not able to translate c# in vb.net.

What I’m looking for is quite similar to the topic ‘using Mathnet to convert Exce Solver problem to C#’
Just in vb.net

I have measured data and wants to fit a curve with the function y=a-log10(1+10^(b*(x - c))
In Excel I would sum up the difference between the data from the function with the measured data.
The solver should minimized this cell the sum by editing the parameters a, b, c,

I need an example because I have no idea how to start.
Thanks for every held