WPF-Math: a LaTeX parser and renderer for WPF

(Friedrich von Never) #1

Hello. There’re a few discussions about LaTeX parsing on these forums, so WPF-Math development team have convinced me to make a small announcement about our library. (Please note that this isn’t a spam, because WPF-Math is a totally free and open-source library developed by a team of enthusiasts.)

The library originally started as a .NET port of JMathTex and was abandoned in 2010, but was recently revived. Currently it’s published to NuGet and its’ sources has been moved to GitHub. Currently a small team of contributors is working on the library, and there’s some community interest in development.

I’m not sure if we can help each other (probably we could try to extract LaTeX parser to use it in Math.NET Symbolics?), but surely the .NET-based math community should be aware of this library!


I do not sure that the approach used in WPF-Math suitable for parsing LaTeX Math.NET Symbolics.

Thanks for the message, I think WPF-Math this is a awesome library.